Liz Charlotte Grant
Liz Charlotte Grant
Memoirist. Christian speaker. Practical Theologian.

About my Speaking Style

I’m a practical theologian + engaging storyteller.

I love to speak at conferences, events, MOPs groups, and on podcasts about how Jesus transforms us in practical, ordinary ways, on the ground-floor of our lives.

I speak to women about what matters most with empathy + candor.

With deep thinking, theology, storytelling, and humor, I use my experience as fodder to explore topics that matter to women and mothers, particularly topics that relate to my training as a birth doula and practical theological issues such as Christian sexuality, suffering, the character of God, and emotional healing.

I provide relational connection for groups of women + resources to continue the conversation after I’m gone.

My aim is to open a conversation for your women about a topic that matters. For all my talks, I provide resources for groups to have connection time: I give coordinators PDFs of ice breaker questions for women to use before my talk, discussion questions for directly after the talk, and reflection worksheets for individuals to to bring home to engage topics in their own time.

Speaking Topics

Heal from Your Birth Story

As mothers, we often do not know where to turn with our birth story. Our birth stories often contain both the highest joys and griefs of our lives, and the scientific research has consistently shown that our childbirth experiences affect mothers for the rest of their lives. So how do we heal? Through sharing one of my own birth stories and in my experience attending births as a birth doula, I discuss three ways we often tell our stories – and why those ways do not bring us the healing we’re searching for. I then invite mothers to turn to God for that healing.

I can tailor the end of my talk to your group: 

1. I can walk you through an exercise (the "Story behind the story" exercise) designed to help mothers heal from their birth experiences by examining core beliefs about themselves and God that they learned from their birth experience, OR

2. I can lead your group through an Ignatian reflection inspired by the passage where Jesus heals the hemorrhaging woman in the gospels. 

For this talk I provide both icebreaker questions about childbirth to being our time and then discussion questions to guide processing among groups of women after my teaching has concluded.

Emotionally-Healthy Faith Conference (3 Talks)

How Do People Change?

According to the Bible, how do people change? The gospel tells us we are justified by Jesus's death and resurrection, but to many of us, "sanctification" feels unclear and ethereal. We’re clear on what it takes to get into heaven but not so clear on what’s expected of us today. Can we expect to be transformed into sanctified people in the blink of an eye, like the apostle Paul on the road to Emmaus, or does change take time? And who is responsible for that change anyway?

I make the case that Christians change through the Spirit of God working in us and through our participation with the Spirit in a posture of dependence. Ultimately, our aim is not change, but intimacy with God, the one-fleshness promised to the bride of Christ, a mirror of the Trinity. And this dependence and intimacy in our lives looks both like the Holy Spirit's work in us and our cooperation in attitudes of self-awareness and repentance. 

Though the theology of sanctification is weighty, I keep things lighthearted and down-to-earth for my listeners, incorporating many personal stories and examples to bring the truths of Scripture home.

I discuss the following passages from the Bible: Genesis 1:27, Titus 3:3-7, Mark 13:14-15, and John 3:16-21.

I also provide a personal reflection worksheet called "Pursuing Intimacy with God", which can also provide discussion questions for processing the concepts discussed in my teaching.

Tell Him Everything: Our Emotional God

Accepting Our Limitations

How to Have Awesome Christian Sex

Culture would tell us that sex has one purpose: to make you feel good. And oh, perhaps to have children if you want them. But its theology of sex stops there. The Bible, however, gives Christians a robust theology of sex: 

1. Sex is for our pleasure (Song of Solomon, Proverbs 5:18-19),

2. Sex is for procreation (Genesis 1:28, 2:7; Luke 1:35), and

3. Sex is for intimacy and unity between a married man and woman (Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-25; Ephesians 5:22-32).

Developed for teaching the premarital class at Park Church in Denver, CO, this talk is meant to be practical, ending with a list of normative practices that I believe should exist in any healthy sexual relationship within Christian marriage. Accordingly, the teaching concludes with a time of Q&A (questions submitted anonymously from the audience), in which I field questions with candor and humor - not as a “sexpert” but as a frank storyteller who is unembarassed about sharing details of my sex life with an audience. ;-)

Biblical Exegesis or Custom Topic:

If your conference is themed around a certain Scripture or topic, I can write you a teaching from scratch! Through my education at one of the best Christian institutions in the country (Wheaton College, IL), I learned how to dive deeply into Scripture using commentaries, church history, and historical interpretations of Biblical texts to create compelling, orthodox, narrative-style teachings that will give you a deeper appreciation for the relevance of Jesus’ gospel to us today.



I offer my services to churches and organizations on a sliding scale. I’m willing to discuss your budget and come to a mutually agreed upon fee. 


Liz is a gentle, yet professional speaker who dives into the topic of birth stories with a passion for moms and their journey surrounding birth.  She led us in a heartfelt reflection on what our birth stories meant to us, how they have shaped us as women, partners and mothers.  Liz guided our group through some of the hard feelings and the beautiful outcomes that our delivery stories all have, showing us ways in which they shape such an intimate part of our life.  I highly recommend Liz to speak in both large and small group settings, to men and women alike. Thank you Liz for speaking to the women in our MOPS group!
— Tiffany K. / 2015-2016 MOPs Coordinator / Denver Community Church / Denver, CO
As a women’s ministry leader, I pay attention to the gifts of the women around me. I noticed Liz’s ability to communicate immediately. I could see that the Lord gave her insight as she studied the word. Our women were encouraged, blessed, and strengthened in their faith when she taught.
— Beth W. / Director of Women’s Ministry / Front Range Alliance Church / Colorado Springs, CO