Liz Charlotte Grant
Liz Charlotte Grant
Memoirist. Christian speaker. Practical Theologian.

Liz Charlotte Grant’s lyrical, raw voice beckons her readers to ask the toughest questions of faith and living.

She’s a fanatic for Mid century design, heirloom vegetables, Wikipedia, and therapy. She believes Jesus will save the world - he just won’t be wearing a cape and spandex.

Liz, her artist husband Jeremy, and her two wild children live in Denver, Colorado in a 1950s brick bungalow in a formerly red-lined neighborhood.

Liz studied creative writing at Wheaton College (2009) and at the Collegeville Institute with Lauren F. Winner.

She has published her nonfiction essays at Patheos, the Curator Magazine, Geez Magazine, On Faith, Mothers Always Write, Neutrons Protons, Dappled Things, and Defenestration.

She’s also writing a book about discovering a blind spot in one eye and reckoning with the healing power of God. (NBD)

Liz speaks to groups of women (big fan of MOPs!) about childbirth, emotional healing, the Christian God, Ignatian practices, plus marriage and sexuality.

Liz should probably have a newsletter; instead, she has instagram. (You’re welcome.)